Service Learning Collaborations

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Year 2 of our service learning collaboration with Bay View High School and Arts@Large is here and we’re looking for businesses to participate!


Ms. Cassandra Mentzer’s students are learning about food deserts and exploring why healthy, inexpensive food, is generally unavailable or viewed as impractical in low income and distressed communities. The question being posed is “how can we eat healthy using low cost local foods?”

The goal of this year’s project is two-fold:

Semester 1: Mentzer’s world history students are being asked to work with culinary professionals to create a low-cost, healthy, (but still delicious) dish inspired by what they’ve learned about food deserts and their own cultural backgrounds. The students will then develop a pitch to have their creation featured at a handful of local restaurants, where half of the proceeds would go to the business, and the other half to a food bank or charity of the students’ choice.

Semester 2: This project continues on with a different class–Economics–where students will be challenged to create a business plan to promote the previous classes’ creation to the neighborhood. Businesses featuring the dish will be promoted through this program.

Participation Schedule:

Service Learning Day: Monday
Time: 9am – 9:40 am
Class Level: Junior
Location: Bay View High School – Home Economics Kitchen

There are varying levels of participation, as we want to stay cognizant of everyone’s time. We hope you’ll consider getting involved in the following (please note that you can sign up to participate in multiple classes if you wish):

November 2 – Food Prep and Food Safety
Teaching basic food safety
1 volunteer; one 40 min sessions

November 9 – How to Use Kitchen Tools
Teaching basic knife and kitchen tool skills
1 volunteer; one 40min session

November 16 – Career Path Discussion
Answering students’ questions and presenting on how you got into the culinary field, for how long, what position(s) you work at your restaurant, etc.
3-4 volunteers; one 40min session

November 30, December 7 & 14 – Creating the Dish
Guide and assist the students as they use what they’ve learned to create the dish they will be pitching
1 volunteer; three 40min sessions

January 11 – Iron Chef Taste Test
The students will present the food they’ve made for your critique and make their pitch to you to feature their creation on your menu.
3-4 volunteers; one 40min session

What’s in it for you:

– Teaching valuable life-skills to young individuals who will be or who have just started entering the workforce
– Helping to pay it forward to those in need and empowering others to do the same
– Your business featured in promotions and potential publicity stemming from the collaboration
– Building relationships with students and the potential to vet for for future interns and employees
– For those featuring the dish, potentially increasing consumer base due to family and friends who will be seeking to visit and promote restaurants featuring their student’s creation.

For more information or to participate, please contact Sean Kiebzak at:

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2014-2015 Bay View High School Service Learning Collaborations

In the last several years, Bay View High School has had a negative stigma regarding safety and public respect. This view is held, in part, because many of its students are brought in from outside of Bay View, from neighborhoods that are in rougher shape than Bay View. It hasn’t changed the fact that the faculty and staff within Bay View High School are doing all they can to support their students and bring out the best in their place of learning, which has improved with leaps and bounds. Many dedicated teachers in Bay View High School have made an amazing effort in finding creative ways to engage their students. Part of this has been to immerse students in service learning projects that serve to root them as valuable parts of the community, but also to show them that they can make tangible and positive imprints on a neighborhood.The Kinnickinnic Business Improvement District was fortunate to be able to work with Bay View High School on a number of projects for their 2014-2015 semester. Some of the highlights:

Art Stop Sticker Mural

We are proud to showcase the work of Mr. Schinner’s English 12 classes! Each vinyl sticker covering the Art Stop electrical boxes was designed by a student with guidance from both educator, Steve Vande Zande, and an assigned Artist in Residence. Students sifted through hundred-year-old photographs of Kinnickinnic Avenue, researched famous figures from Bay View and created thoughtful pieces based on their discoveries. While in the process of creating the stickers, Vande Zande also shared articles highlighting the controversy of the Art Stop with his students, preparing his Juniors for the mixed reactions and conversations their mural might stir. The stickers to be placed on these electrical boxes show fragments of Bay View as it was, and with additions of stickers from local businesses, show pieces of Bay View as it is. In short, the intent is to share and build a living story of Bay View, whether for the transient commuter or the passing resident. Thanks for being a part of the story!

KK BID Service Learning Collaboration

History teacher, Cassie Mentzer, and Serve2Unite co-founder, Pardeep Kaleka, partnered their students with several Bay View businesses and organizations to help empower them to learn about practical skills they can put into place to become miracle workers in their own neighborhoods. Odd Duck and Kompost Kids were great partners with the students, teaching them about healthy eating, composting and urban farming, while the students helped the Avalon by painting a large mural in the back alley chiming: “Love Where You Live,” as a response to the tagging and defacing that particularly occurs on secluded sections of properties. The service learning collaboration began as student disruptions and youth-committed crime had been one of the main complaints raised in a survey taken by members of the former KK BID board. KK BID Safety and Community committee was looking for ways to connect the Bay View community and KK businesses with Bay View High School. Cassie and Pardeep stepped up to the plate with help from MPS Service Learning Coordinator, Sarah Kubetz, and went above and beyond with their students. It’s been a fun ride, though not all of the business collaborations came to fruition.


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“Service Learning Brings Community BVHS Students Together for Greater Good”

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