Security Cameras

Dear Area Business Owner,

Included in this letter are the bids from Milwaukee Alarm Company ( and Integrated Technology Solutions ( Both companies have offered to present information and answer any questions you may have with regard to their bids, and if there is enough interest we would be happy to host an informational meeting for you to learn more. The KK BID is not receiving anything back from these companies should you decide to use them.

The KK BID exists to support the local businesses within our boundaries and to increase the value of properties within our commercial district. In the same token, we are aiming to provide growth opportunities and create closer cooperation among all those who have invested their hearts, time and money into the KK Ave corridor. The KK BID board is aware of the increase of publicized crime in our area, and while we all look forward to the summer months ahead, criminal activity unfortunately tends to take an upturn as the weather improves. In an effort to help individual businesses respond to and prevent future violations, we have contacted several companies and asked them to prepare bids for installed security cameras.

By compiling this information and extending it to you, the KK BID hopes to make the job of securing your business a little easier. Please consider having security cameras installed at your business as a proactive deterrent to the criminal activity that undermines the safety and security of our community. We also recommend you to contact your insurance carrier to inquire about possible reductions in the cost of your insurance coverage should you decide to install security cameras.

Please check our website to learn about more opportunities and deals available to you. We appreciate what you do for Bay View and hope you’ll continue to help us make KK Avenue a wonderful place to Enjoy, Discover and Explore.


The KK BID Safety and Community Committee

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