Upcycling the Old, In with the New

Bay View Banner

New street banners for Bay View! A collaboration between the Bay View Neighborhood Association and the KK Avenue Bay View BID came to fruition this past week with the hanging of 61 new “Welcome to Bay View” street pole banners along KK, Howell and Oklahoma Avenues. The old banners, funded by a former Bay View business association that no longer exists, had been in place for over 10 years and were long overdue for replacement. The BVNA/KK BID undertook the replacement initiative by “up-cycling” the existing brackets and replacing the torn and missing purple banners with fresh new blue and green vinyl banners. The BVNA and KK BID will be considering future expansion of the banner project and the potential for seasonal and/or promotional banners for Bay View events.

A big Thank You! to local Bay View neighbor, Sarah McCann for donating her time and graphic art skills to create the wonderful banner design.