Bay View Business Security Sessions

What can you do to help keep our neighborhood safe?

Safety Session Update

October 6 2015 – KK BID, BVNA, District 6 Interview

A big thank you to Officer Felix for going out of his way to share business safety tips with us! It was definitely a disappointing turn out for these first two sessions. Multiple direct email blasts, Facebook posts on all of the main community group and organization fan pages, tweets, verbal reminders… unfortunately, no one showed up, and it can't get much worse than that. A lot of safety is common sense. Think ahead and be aware. Coach your employees on emergency and general safety protocol. What is most important and still lacking, however, is the need for more business and property owners to actively take the initiative to be prepared and get involved. To wait until something happens before making safe practices a priority leaves you, your business, your patrons and your neighbors vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Get out and know who's around you, get to know your neighbors and neighboring businesses; make friends and tighten the relationships you have with the people near you. Nothing is as effective at deterring crime as a united community with a strong, active, physical presence. Regardless, we're hopeful the information we will continue to share will make a difference for those who care to take it in. Stay safe Bay View!

Posted by KK Avenue Bay View on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Working on a safety plan for your work place? Interested in learning tips to make your building safer and more secure? The KK BID and BVNA invite you to join us for safety sessions hosted by the District 6 Milwaukee Police Department to learn what steps you can take to keep you, your employees, your patrons and your property out of harm’s way.

Upcoming Dates:

Session 1: (Emphasis on Food, Alcohol Services and Convenience Stores)

October 5, 2015
6pm @ Bay View Library
2566 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

Session 2: (Emphasis on Personal Services, Retail and Repair)

October 6, 2015
12pm @ Bay View Library
2566 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

*These presentations are tailored for businesses and property owners however are open to all.

Please contact Officer Carlos Felix with additional questions or concerns.