About the KK BID

Our Mission

The KK BID exists to increase the value of commercial properties for property owners within the district by:

• Supporting our local businesses and community groups
• Facilitating closer cooperation between all those who have invested their hearts, time and money into the KK Ave corridor
• Encouraging productive developments and enhancements along KK that embody the unique qualities that make Bay View the neighborhood we love
• Assembling useful resources and special discount packages that property and business owners can take advantage of


About The KK BID

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?
The Kinnickinnic Business Improvement District is one of Milwaukee’s 50 property-based business improvement districts. BIDs are 501(a) class nonprofits created by an affirmative petition of commercial property owners with the understanding that a special tax assessment from each commercial property will provide the funding for the business improvement district’s operations and projects. BID’s provide beneficial services to the businesses and properties located within its boundaries, and it is estimated that over 1000 downtown business improvement districts currently operate throughout the United States and Canada, a testament to their value in revitalizing neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

The KK BID is governed by a board of directors that may be made up of commercial property owners, business owners and/or authorized representative managers of businesses within the city-defined district boundaries. Board members are expected to act in the best interest of all the District members while implementing the current operating plan. The Executive committee may obtain private and public funds, on behalf of the Board to ensure that short and long term District goals and projects are met. In addition, the KK BID works closely with other local organizations and city agencies to carry out its mission. It is guided by a district plan and contract with the City of Milwaukee.

KK BID Operating Plan
Each year the Common Council Approved Operating Plan will address issues such as (1) security), (2) safety, (3)streetscaping (4) communication, and (5) branding to foster KK BID community cohesiveness.

The KK BID is situated on Kinnickinnic Avenue and winds its way through the bustling community of Bay View south of downtown Milwaukee, from Becher Street on the north to Morgan Avenue on the south. Within this service area there are land parcels, which include both public and private ownership with a vast array of retail, entertainment and hospitality spaces.

KK BID 2015 Operating Plan

BID Bylaws

View the KK BID ByLaws – April 7, 2015
View the BID’s property owner listing.
View our parcel map, which outlines the district and included properties.


To learn more about what a business improvement district is, how we run, how we’re funded or would like to know more about our operations, please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.


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